Our tasting menus change every  two weeks on Tuesday to ensure we make the most of Cambodia's freshest seasonal produce and depending on the availability at the market (we don't offer 'à la carte')

Vegetarians and vegans are most welcome; we can prepare an alternate menu for you by request.

Food selection from the 8th to the 19th of August 2017
5 courses for 27USD or 6 courses for 31USD
only available in the 31USD menu

Tasting Menu 1



Sesame and fermented soy beans grilled chicken,

black cabbage leaves and bean sprout


Seared Koh Kong scallops with garlic and tofu cream,

asparagus, purslane and aged salted lime jam


Chhlang fish jungle curry with ambarella leaves,

mushrooms, holy basil and wild eggplants


Caramelized palm sugar braised pork shank,

cauliflower stem and fresh green pepper corn


Fresh rice flake pancake with banana,

Cambodian wild cinnamon and chocolate pot de crème

Tasting Menu 2




Cambodian green giant eggplant salad,

prawns, peanuts and herbs


Angkor stout and clams jus pulled pork ribs,

yellow noodle cake, pickled green papaya and okras


Roasted duck sour soup, wild mangosteen condiment,

sesbania flowers, elephant ear taro stem and crispy confit


Pan fried Tonle Sap croacker fish with pumpkin fruit and leaves,

lemon basil, rice field crab and coconut broth


Cuisine Wat Damnak black sticky rice crème brûlée


Please alert us in advance if you have any particular dietary requirements. Our regular menu may contain nuts, pork, or seafood, but with advance notice we can accommodate those who cannot eat these foods. However, because small amounts of garlic and chili are fundamental to Cambodian cuisine, we regret that we are unable to offer a menu that does not include those ingredients.

In addition, please note that Cambodian food contains fish sauce and other fish products in most dishes. If you must avoid fish, we recommend arranging in advance for a vegetarian menu.